Dear valued customers and partners.

Asia Fine Tech is a company that started with experienced member who had been engaged as sales, set-up and after-service in manufacturing equipment of Display field. We started the business with a grateful heart for the support which many people gave us when the company was established.

Currently, it is seemed that digitalization that contributes to a non-contact society, greening projects that consider the global environment are expanding further. I think it is important to grasp these environmental changes as a chance and develop new business areas as well as display businesses. We would like to contribute to those businesses and people who are struggling in the business field. Also, we will be expanding the business using our network, which is centering on Korea, including China, Taiwan and Japan. I believe that the basic of business is to be helpful to people, and challenge ourselves without fear of change to adapt to everyday changing social environment. Having business contacts with Samsung Display and LG Display is our strength, which must be useful for your businesses.

While cherishing the inherited business base, we aim to expand our business and contribute to society with experienced staff and engineers. We ask for your continuous guidance and support. Thank you.

Asia Fine Tech CEO


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